Wotmed.com is a business aimed at maturing the Medical Travel market globally with improved processes and standard including manual verification of certifications along with a simple but effective online consultation process. Read more about Wotmed.com.

Wotmed has teamed up with various insurers and underwriters in London to bring to you a comprehensive medical travel insurance policy to cover individuals and patients travelling abroad and overseas for treatment of sort. 


The difference between Medical Travel Insurance (MTI) policy and a normal Travel Insurance policy is quite important to understand. 

While Wotmed's MTI covers the usual cover found in normal travel policy, Wotmed MTI covers patients whose sole purpose for travelling is for Medical reasons. It can sometimes be deemed that if you do not state this to your current insurer they may not allow you to claim for anything. 

Additionally, the main benefits of our policy are laid out in our Benefits Page.

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